So, yesterday, Friday 30th, out and about on the skates. Weather not great, not warm but dry.

But why, was I at the sharp end of incredible amounts of verbal and physical abuse? Was it because peds were looking forward to the ‘kids’ taking Easter holidays? Or was it the result of the country-wide panic over petrol non-shortage? Or did the north west of England suffer some mass hysteria over an impending takeover of human animals wearing roller skates?

Whatever it was, I’d love to have been informed.

This picture – a break from motorists in the center of London 🙂

Never before on a single day have I been called a w**ker by two independent young vehicle drivers, been the recipient of three vehicle drivers’ arm gestures, the aim of which was to transfer their innate knowledge of human behavior, to me, without any possible retaliation to themselves.

Sewn into this bombardment of abuse was a constant trickle of car warning devices aimed, I can only assume, at trying to cause my imbalance and so end in rewarding said drivers with an entertaining spill.

And, it doesn’t end there. On two separate occasions I had vehicle drivers deliberately and with intent steer their missiles in an manner that would have caused serious harm to myself, had I not taken remedial action. This was followed by an elderly gentleman deciding to open the door of a vehicle onto the cycle path in front and within six feet of my speeding presence. Mistake? possibly, except this particular gentleman had made it known, seconds before, that he had seen me. Vindictive? I’d say so.

And finally to the dogs. Dogs on those bl**dy great long leads. Can I be the only member of Homo sapiens sapiens to think these leads are a death trap?

On my final stretch ‘home’ and with my mind wandering around all the trials I had just navigated, from the path come two dogs. These dogs continued using the principal of ‘the quickest route from A to B is a straight line’, directly under my wheels. To get to me, these particular dogs had needed to move from the path and their handlers’ presence, across the cycle path, onto and over the main road and then onto the cycle path my tired and frustrated frame was using. Now you may say, dogs are likely to that from time to time. I don’t disagree. My point? Each of these dogs had managed this feat in spite of being ‘controlled’ by a leash. Unfortunately for me, the leash in question was at least twenty feet in length.

Dogs under control? .. I don’t think so.

I did manage to maintain control of my skates and my speed, but only just.

And so ends that day of refreshing, life-embracing skating.

That’s that for now, I’m off out again, skating would you believe.