I’ve had few emails lately asking what level of intesity should be used when out training. “Do I need to go full-on each and every session to achieve maximum results?” The answer, no. You should not be training at maximal or near maximal intensities in every session, no matter what sport you are involved in.

Very high intensity exercises require more time to repair and recover. Going out, hitting the red-line before you’ve recovered from the last session will lead to over-reaching and, eventually to injury.

Short High Intensity – 19 June.



I recommend a training regime that resembles the activity intensity we have evolved to perform.

The human animal has evolved to move at different intensities depending on the circumstances.

Keep the evolved intensity strategy in your mind when out on your next workout session. Try to imagine you are the ancestor of later humans, you are out hunting, you’ll need to use all available physical and mental skills, slow, faster, faster still, flat out, back down, recover and continue. Remember, it may take days to wear down your prey before you get the chance to bring home the bacon. You are not likely to be out ‘hunting’ for days but keep in mind, returning home, post exercise, is our version of camping down, recovering, ready to continue tomorrow or the next day.

Long Medium Intensity – 17 June.



Vary exercise intensities each day, inject lower intensity sessions, between intense maximal-effort sessions.

Keep it fun and stay safe.