If your activity sessions are becoming a little boring, maybe it’s time to introduce your command center to some inspirational vibrations. If you already use the bass and tempo supplementation of music maybe it’s time to let go of old favourites and load up some new tracks.

Whatever does it for you, Barry Manilow or Metallica, get ’em on-board, get ’em pumped and move into the flow. You’re unbeatable, you know it – lets go!

This from The Sport in Mind:

For elite athletes, fitness fanatics and gym goers, having the right frame of mind is the best way to achieve the perfect performance. The highest level of intrinsic motivation is know as flow. Flow is described as the complete immersion in an activity to the point in which nothing else matters. Hungarian psychologist Professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, lead psychologist in the concept of flow, claims that flow occurs when there is a perfect match between the perceived demands of the activity, and the perceived ability to meet the demands.

Full The Sport in Mind Article: Motivation: Get into the “Flow” with Music in Sport and Exercise – The Sport In Mind – Sport Psychology.