There is a real problem in the fitness industry, and that is – the articles we read, the pictures we admire mostly don’t exist. The fitness industry like any other industry is around to make money. back in the ‘day’ the need to profit from articles was not the bottom line, fitness advisers needed to make a salary but not at the cost of well, being economical with the truth.

For a large part of today’s health and fitness field, profits are now the motivating force for articles and pictures. Selling you the latest get-me-thin-and-ripped supplements are the goal, the only goal.

This, as you can imagine, leaves potential customers at the mercy of big supplement producers and ‘online personal trainers’, some of whom never actually see their ‘clients’.

So your wanting to lose weight, gain muscle to look ripped and athletic? Do your homework, research the ‘stuff’ you may be thinking of purchasing. Don’t be misled by pictures and stories of miraculous transformations, they, in the vast majority of cases, do not exist.

There is an old saying – photographs never lie, that may have been the case in days of old but today, photographs can and often do, lie.

This article by Scott Tousignant is an article in the traditional direction, back to real health and fitness not photogenic nonsense.



Pop Tarts and Beauty Queens … by Scott Tousignant

The dawn of social media has given rise to the illusion of transparency in the fitness industry. Unfortunately… all is not what it seems.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news… but, that ripped dude you’re following on Facebook eats more than just Pop Tarts…
…and that ‘beauty queen’ you follow on Instagram does occasionally venture away from the bathroom mirror where the lighting doesn’t cast shadows quite so eloquently on her physique.

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