So it’s been a kinda confusing morning. First Google announces some sort of email address grab from, well, somewhere. I’m not sure if this is even relevant news. Most of our passwords are already out there being sold to agencies. Email addresses can also be intercepted by just about anyone. With just minor internet knowledge, email addresses can easily be fished from the internet stream should emailphiles wish to get themselves a collection to hang over the fireplace.

That was rant one, then I ran into this article on the BBC website – Brains classify words during sleep – forgive me but isn’t this another well-known phenomena? Brains do a lot more than word-play during slumber time. I do believe people and other animals have been know to get up out of bed and perform complex tasks including driving cars and, although I’m a little skeptical about this one, wash and store the dishes from supper, return to bed and deny any wrong-doing.

So much for rant two.

The article makes for interesting reading, particularly the bit about fitting-in some extra cerebral work while you’re asleep, but it’s not anything that will change the face of neurology just yet.


This from the BBC:

The brain is still active while we are asleep, say scientists, who found people were able to classify words during their slumber.

Researchers from Cambridge and Paris introduced participants to a word test while awake and found they continued to respond correctly while asleep.

The sleeping brain can perform complex tasks, particularly if the task is automated, the study says.

Further research will now focus on how to take advantage of our sleeping time.

Full BBC News Article: BBC News – Brain 'can classify words during sleep'.