Interesting article on how new evidence is strengthening mind – body communication theories, that is, communications flowing from the brain to the body and, from the body to the brain.

It was once believed the brain controlled all aspects of human-systems homeostasis, that belief no longer reins as true. [1]


This from ScienceDaily:

We usually think our mind is in control and telling our body what to do. But there is a lot of scientific evidence that shows the chatter between mind and body goes two ways, and the body is an integral part of how we think. In the new book How the Body Knows Its Mind, Prof. Sian Beilock provides the latest scientific evidence about the body’s influence on our psyche, drawing on work from her own laboratory and from colleagues around the world.

Beilock, a leading expert on the brain science behind human performance, believes the body-mind connection starts early.
“Movement matters with everyone, but it is especially important for babies and young children,” said Beilock. “Mobile kids hit cognitive milestones faster.” She said that simple steps like allowing babies to run around naked — when appropriate — can help them explore their worlds. Beilock said wearing diapers and using baby walkers can limit a baby’s ability to interact with the world and hinder the process of learning how to walk. The more quickly children learn how to walk and explore, the faster their cognitive development.

Full ScienceDaily Article: Mind-body connection not a one-way street — ScienceDaily.

[1] National Institutes for Health – Emotions and Health.