The Highway code requires vehicles to give cyclists at least as much space as a car – but many cars endanger lives by ignoring this. Chris Boardman features in a new YouTube video that aims to help change that.

This is a problem of psychology. Our evolved trait for personal power and control in any situation, including road traffic interactions, will always play out with a them-and-us scenario.

A cursory browse through the comments highlights the point, very little is agreed upon between any of the road user parties, regardless of method of transport. A trait evolved for surviving on the savannas of Africa doesn’t play out very well on minuscule patches of asphalt.

It’s not likely our urge to be the ‘road-owner’ will subside any time soon, until then it’s probably best we do not rely on other road users to have our personal best interest at heart.

So, be confident, be aware and be seen.


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