While I agree to the conclusion of this research, I do believe it is necessary to remind ourselves in the importance of using our cerebral abilities in order to maintain as much brain function as possible.

The brain just like muscle tissue thrives on use. Stay in bed for a couple of weeks and experience the massive loss of muscle activity. Stop using your brain and it too will atrophy.

But don’t we use our brains all the time, for normal bodily processes? Yes, but as in muscle activity, tissues will always fall to their lowest energy efficient state. Use muscles a little and a little is what will be maintained. Great for efficiency but not good when you need to run for that bus.

So, while the article highlights the usual industry suspects as being profit driven it is important to note maintaining a functioning brain requires you use that brain to a point where, using my muscle analogy ‘you can run for a bus’.


This from ARS Technica UK:

Sampling bias and a belief in malleable intelligence may be behind small IQ changes.

Source: Billion-dollar brain training industry a sham—nothing but placebo, study suggests | Ars Technica