For me, there is a real indicator of how important the age/work studies can be and that is – which category do I post this article under?

Browsing the categories I find the early retirement – work issue to involve so many components of early, mid and late life-styles as need to tick every category box.

The ‘what do I do now’ issue is not one that should be left until chronology catches up with us, but one that should be pre-planned even ‘worked’ early in life.

What we do earlier in life will influence what we do in later life. There is a saying “Do something today that your future self will thank you for”, with that in mind what do you intend to do today?

This from The Guardian:

The latest research suggests that those ending work younger are more likely to die earlier than those staying in jobs. But is the data clearcut?

Source: Does early retirement mean an early death? | Life and style | The Guardian