I find my worse times are mornings, try as I might to motivate in the am I have had to accept, pre 11.00 is just not going to happen. That said, it was still a difficult day for me today. I felt low (even after a moderate/good last evening), I needed to exercise, I know I will feel somewhat ‘better’ after some aerobic activity but some days, like today, it is an enormous effort to get out. So, I try not to think about it too much and just go. I talk myself into thinking, even if I can just do ten minutes that’ll make a difference so no pressure there. Just go, just go, just go.

22_10-3One thing I have come to realise with physical activity as a coping/managing strategy for bi-polar is, just like the inclusion of sleeping and eating, you have to make an effort to do something everyday, even if it is only for ten minutes. Using different exercise disciplines helps me achieve, to some extent, the adherence necessary to stay ‘well’ each day. Today I strapped on my inline skates, an activity I like and even though the ‘workout’ was awful I am confident it will help towards maintaining a resemblance of sanity, for today.