As with most things in life, the onus is on the reader to research as much as possible, the topic that is under question. Very few subjects are ‘black and white’ and that must be held in mind when searching for the right or wrong answers.

We humans have a bias for ‘stuff’ we already adhere to, we like saturated fats in our food and we are fine. Finding articles that cement that point of view is not difficult, unfortunately.

As more, empirically tested, data comes into the public domain we must at some point be ready to junk strongly-held beliefs and biases if those beliefs go against the strongest data. To ignore the science in favour of our ‘want-to-believe’ mentality is damaging.

This article is a case in point, we might not like it but the science is pointing toward the probability that saturated fats are less than healthy for us humans.


This from The Guardian:

People who eat more saturated fat have a higher risk of an early death, according to a large study that contradicts recent claims that “butter is back”.

The study from the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health in the United States has been following 126,000 people for three decades to assess the impact of their diet on their health and lifespan. The researchers claim it is the most detailed and powerful examination to date of the effects of eating different types of fats.

Source: Eating more saturated fats raises risk of early death, says US study | Life and style | The Guardian