Physical inactivity is a growing problem in all age groups but the remedy may be in a calling for more role models to promote themselves.

I’m not talking super-athletic medal winning role models, although that should be encouraged, I’m talking about ‘local’ athletes doing the exercise stuff for its own good and promoting the exercise-is-good mantra.

Teens will only get involved in activities they perceive as rewarding, rewards don’t have to be medals, sometimes a ‘well-done for that’ is enough to get the ball rolling.


Physical activity among children and teens is lower than previously thought, and, in another surprise finding, young adults after the age of 20 show the only increases in activity over the lifespan, suggests a study conducted by researchers from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. And, the study found, starting at age 35, activity levels declined through midlife and older adulthood.

The study also identified different times throughout the day when activity was highest and lowest, across age groups and between males and females.

Source: 19-year-olds as sedentary as 60-year-olds, study suggests: Teen years represent highest risk for inactivity; increases in activity levels only seen in 20-something — ScienceDaily