So Friday 1st. November, this was another ‘just do it’ day. I couldn’t muster any motivation, so whatever I got out of a workout, that’d have to do. My small weight set up in the garden comes in handy on days like these. If I had to ‘get ready’ to go workout in a commercial gym the chances are, I wouldn’t go. So here I am, out of bed, brush my teeth, put on a pair of shorts and hit the iron.

First up was squats, today squatting with my normal warm-up weight felt incredibly demanding. My mind was screaming ‘go back to bed’ but a little voice in my head kept pushing me on. ‘You know you will be glad you did this, c’mon give it all you got, go, go, go’ Well each set felt heavy, I struggled on each and every repetition but I managed to keep the ‘back to bed’ mind-set out of focus. I’m here I’m doing it and I’m not going to waste it now. In fact, because I did struggle with what I would normally handle easily, I decided to show who was in charge and increased the normal weight on my final set. It was heavy but it makes for a good psychological push when I’m thinking, ‘I just did something I never thought possible at the beginning of the session, I made progress.

Slowly, very slowly, motivation to finish the session started to drip-in. Today is going to be a good day to train, I beat the negative, depressed ruminations again, activity wins the day.

A new personal best on the dead-lift followed. It’s amazing how weight-shifting progress can lift what was a defeated mind-set.

On to some calf raises then a 30 minute aerobic cycle trainer session saw today’s activity finished. A tough day but a satisfying one.