Sore legs from yesterday’s workout but mood wise, feeling much better as a result of the session. Today I wanted to get out on the inline skates, and in an attempt to ease the soreness, pump some blood around the lower extremities.

The weather however had other plans.

The wind was starting to sway the trees the leaves of which were departing, headed for counties new. Along with gusting winds, rain was starting to dance on the concrete path of the garden. To go skate or not to go skate?

Skate in the cold, skate in howling wind and rain or stay indoors turn up the heating and go for a leisurely ‘mind-ride’ around the house on the cycle trainer, decisions.

For me, skating as a physical activity is hard to beat, in any weather, and as I wanted to push some aerobic limits, skating won this particular decision. Three layers of thermal and water repellant ‘Lycra’, wet weather wheels and some motivating music is all it took to get out and stay out. After all, I tell myself, you can only get so wet.

As it happens the session went well, I was able to use the wind to practice ‘getting low’, reducing the battering effect of the head-on gusts. The wind makes for a relentless training partner, it doesn’t tire and never gives in. So there we were, me against the wind, neither of us to be the first to throw in the towel. Epic weather, epic workout.