My Open Diary: Wednesday 13

I hate mornings,

For me, it is this time of day I get to know if I’m heading for a ‘bad’ day or a ‘good’ day.  On bad days, negative thoughts come cascading into every brain-space, the same brain-space that rational thoughts fight for on other days.

This morning, (13 November), I find myself wanting to pull over the bed covers and stay in the zone were depression and highs don’t manifest.

Many days, the battle to get up and move away from my blanketed safe haven is lost. I don’t consider myself lazy, it’s just that, I’m exhausted from the mental effort required to instigate what will certainly be the start of another day’s coping. Staying in bed makes sense, but experience has taught me, no activity today will make tomorrow’s coping a hell of a lot tougher.


Flat bench press
Incline dumbbell flys
Lateral shoulder dumbbell raises
Dumbbell Press
Rear delt pull
Bent-over row

30 mins cardio: cycle trainer