My Open Diary: Saturday 16

Saturday, out on the inlines looking for something of an intense workout.

My last few sessions whether cycling or weight training have not exactly pushed any limits so I was determined to try and get my heart rate into the 90 percent zone.

The day wasn’t great, Gray clouds touching the ground a strong breeze and it was cool.

I set off and immediately knew this was not going to be the workout I was hoping for. My legs felt tired my back started to shout obscenities at my hamstrings, ‘straighten up or I’m going home’ sort of thing. I’ve been here before so I knew if I could get past the painful bit, ‘things’ would settle and a ‘proper’ session might just emerge.

Not a hope.

Until ..

A came upon a cyclist meandering around an infinity symbol on my intended route. Of course, I made a gentle gesture of disapproval and passed.

I decided to put some distance between myself and the cog driven wheels of my meandering friend, nose down I blasted for half a mile or so. Yeah, that should do it. No, that didn’t do it. This particular cyclist had not only chased me into my speedy zone but was now about to overtake me, what!

How could anyone dare to overtake me on my superman speedy-skate setup?

Nose down two, drop into super performance mode and go, go, go. Yep, that showed ’em. I hit the end of the cycle path, slowed and began the return journey. I could see the face of my cyclist friend looking straight ahead as our paths crossed. That was that.

But, that was not that. Within another half mile or so my mysterious two wheeled partner was back about to take the lead, again. Once more I pushed the urethane. By now I was wandering into my max zone, pretty much flat out into a strong breeze. Was I happy to see the cyclist moving into an uncomfortable position on the cycle frame, had this cyclist started to fade? yes, just as I had.

I didn’t know this particular bike driver but a sort of mutual respect had now developed. A cyclist and a skater working together in pursuit of a good workout.

Coming to the end of the cycle path and the finale of my Saturday session I shouted out to my determined one-off training partner ‘you’re strong’, a reply came back, ‘so are you’.

Within another half mile our ways departed.

What started out a horribly painful session ended with a workout to remember. I was pushed into my red zone, managed to rest out of it and then got pushed back in.

Thank you for a great ride my fleeting friend, I hope we meet again.

There’s probably a moral in that tale somewhere, but that’ll have to be for another post.


I was looking for a title for today’s blog, saw this on a post near my route and took a quick snap-shot. Has nothing to do with my blog workout but liked it anyhow. I guess there must be a runners race tomorrow, Sunday?