Exercise, I know its impact on low moods but today I really, really, couldn’t motivate myself to get training gear on, get out, and start the process of ‘mood lifting’.

So what to do, the Nike slogan ‘just do it’ came to mind, I threw on some kit I had at hand grabbed the skates and drove to my usual park spot near to a cycle track. Without thinking too hard about why I was pushing myself to put some exercise activity together, the inlines were on and I was rolling.

I say all this to try and communicate why I do what I do.

Exercise is my main coping strategy for one reason, for me, it works. I very rarely come back from training feeling as low as before I started.


Exercise lifts my mood, from not being able to get out of bed, to looking to buy some new training equipment, in a couple of hours.The biggest challenge is starting, and the best starting strategy for me is not thinking about starting. Again, just do it.

So in conclusion, if I had any advice to give to people who suffer as I do, it would be, try exercise, any exercise.



An indicator of today’s (21/05) intensity – 22/05 – Training not recommended.