Folding bikes seem to be getting very popular, I’m for it. Still used as a quick easy way to get through the traffic in our big city centers, folding bikes are growing in popularity as a ‘fitness-machine’ in their own right. I would recommend potential members of the folding bike club to do a little research and buy the best machine current finances allow. Your choice may just turn into a life-long relationship with the outdoors and, the health benefits pushing those cranks can bring. Better now to buy quality, it could be the start of something great.


This from the Guardian website:

Whether you are a time-pressed train commuter or an urbanite short on living space, a folding bike offers a smart solution. But be warned: a little practice will stop you trapping your fingers and getting oil all over your clothes. Here are five of the best to get you going

The best folding bikes | Martin Love | Technology | The Guardian.