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ZwiftZone - 4K - NY Highline - on Another Level! - Zwift

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So, I've been stuck on 4 minutes 15+ secs on the NY Highline KOM since day one of this Zwift futuristic route.

It is for sure, an incredibly challenging climb.

The climb lures the Zwifter in with some minor elevation increases, then, boom, you're presented with what feels like a vertical wall to climb.

Just when thoughts of 'conquered' start to arise, the Highline KOM kicks back and presents a 17% rise!

Knowing the effort that is required to push my PR NY Highline KOM, I planned a line of attack a few days back.

Two days of rest, one day of Active Recovery later, I set about trying to better my PR into the sub four-minute category.

Pace is everything, maintain discipline on the 'easier' bits, stay focused on power and speed during the climbs.

In fact, I was so focused, I forgot to start the recording! - this effort starts 40 seconds in.

This is how it went.

Ride Flat, Ride Up, Ride Down, Ride On!


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