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ZwiftZone - 4K - Balance Sprinting and Climbing 2019 12 10

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To be a sprinter or a climber, physical laws dictate which particular discipline you're going to best at.

I'm an ex-dancer, martial artist and bodybuilder, I trained to build muscle- strength and power but now in my later years I pay a price for all that muscle gain.

I can push hard on the pedals - relatively - to gain sprint speed. Taking that extra muscle up hills and mountains however, is tough, even after many years trying to shed said muscle.

So, I managed to get my weight down from 95 kilos to 80 kilos and at 80 kilos it sits, and has done for about ten years.

For me, it's now a case of balancing the sprint power with a want to be a better climber. If I overly train for sprint sessions it's almost like training heavy with weights, gaining back muscle in the process - not the desired outcome.

Today, I cycle sprints and climbs in an attempt to be an 'overall' athlete, but I'll always have that propensity to be a better sprinter than climber.

Nothing demonstrates my particular muscle power than extended rest periods.

A few extra days of rest and...

Ride On Zwifters - with Balance! :)

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