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ZwiftZone - 4K - Sprint-Spikes - Alpe Descent! - Zwift 13-12

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The Alpe du Zwift, a challenging climb and a great way to boost endurance and 'staying' power.

The Alpe will also help develop pacing skills, climbing discipline and climbing technique, physically and psychologically.

But what about the descent?

The Alpe descent can be used to help develop sprint power. Because the cadence is already high from the 'easy' downhill component, leg muscles need to spin up to the crank speed and then 'overtake' that cadence to add power.

This power-plus execution is not easy to maintain hence the need to rest before another spike attack.

To be sure, the legs and cardiovascular system are pushed to higher levels of performance than is usually experienced on normal sprint sessions.

Sprint-spikes - adaptation - sprint-spikes - adaptation... there is only one outcome - Awesomeness!

Ride Up, Ride Down - Ride On!

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