No matter what age, our ancestors needed to move, not doing so could have ended in adding to the diet of earth’s co-inhabitants.

Only those that moved went on to populate and nurture the gene pool.

So here we are, a little further up the ladder in time but not even an evolutionary hair’s breadth away from the ability to circumvent our ancestors biology.

Maybe one day in the future our race will have evolved a mechanism that allows us to be sedentary, life-long couch potatoes. Until then, if it’s life in your years you want, move.


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People who stay physically active into old age may be improving their brain health by preventing a decline in the brain’s white matter, a new study suggests.

The white matter is composed of fiberlike parts of brain cells that enable communication between brain regions.

“We hope that this will encourage people to take better care of their brains by being more active,” said study co-author Agnieszka Burzynska, a researcher at the University of Illinois.

Source: Exercising May Bolster Your Brain Wires in Old Age – LiveScience.