Powerwalking, a superb exercise that will work the entire body, the heart and lungs. Brisk powerwalking is an excellent way to burn calories.




Powerwalking has been shown to stimulate certain brain related chemicals leading to clearer thinking and alleviate some symptoms of mental disorder promoting positive thought and in that, positive life situations.

How to get started..

Wear comfortable clothing and training shoes.

Choose your walking route, try to find a route away from cars and large gatherings.

Parks and coastal areas are ideal spots to powerwalk.

Warm up by walking at your normal pace for about fifteen minutes then start to pick up the speed, remember this is walking, don’t break into a jog.

Remember to breathe easily and freely!

keep your head up, shoulders relaxed, swing your arms and maintain a steady but brisk pace for the majority of your walk.

When you’re coming to the end of your walk, slow your pace and let your body relax back to a normal state. Be mindful of your breathing.

Initially try walking for a quarter mile, then half mile, mile…

After a few weeks you may even like to try an overland trek with friends or a walking club.

If your looking start a fitness regime, lose weight or want to maintain or improve your current fitness, powerwalking is for you.


(c) Paul Graham