People seem to have a difficult time keeping up with their own fitness or exercise routines. Especially at this time of the year, when people resolve to exercise more in the new year, only to find their commitment falling flat a few weeks or months later. This despite the common knowledge of the benefits of keeping fit and healthy. In addition to the weight loss, exercise has been linked to reduced depressive symptoms and reduced risk for heart disease. Yet the temptation of sitting on the couch and watching TV instead of going for a short jog is just too great. You’re not alone…

“What it comes down to at each of those points is if we have the skills to be flexible and keep believing that these things are good for us. … I can keep it a priority and make it something I schedule the rest of my life around,” Bray says. “Unfortunately, [exercise] is one of the first things that goes when we get busy with other things.”

Source: The Psychology of Exercise and Fitness – Psych Central News