Your Evolved Advantage.


Exercise, eat a balanced diet, don’t smoke, drink alcohol in moderation, try to maintain a stress-free lifestyle…

I could go on.. and on.. and it all sounds like you’re being told you cannot do anything because it may impact on your health your life and longevity. So why bother, what is all this health and fitness stuff anyway, is it all just somebody trying to make a profit out of you?

It cannot be denied, commercial organisations are ‘in it’ for the money. But you, personally, are not.

Much research has been done to seperate the ‘wheat from the chaff’ in the health and fitness field. Nearly all, if not all, research has come to the same conclusion, following general health advice is beneficial to your well-being, and in many ways.

Each day new research is showing the consequences of not following your evolutionary aquired capabilities. It can and in most cases does, impact the way you are able to live your day to day life.

Think of it this way, evolution has brought you, your body systems, everything you are, to this point, today, right now.

Now, how to use this thinking to benefit you? .. Reverse engineering.

Unlike a normal engineering project were you start with ‘blank page’ and build say, a new mp3 gadjet, reverse engineering requires you to take what you have now and work out what is ‘was’ built to do.

Your body and it’s systems have evolved over hundreds of thousands of years, millions if you go beyond are recent ancestry.

Your body has evolved to survive and to reproduce in many different situations. Most of these situations have needed the ability to think quick, move quick and take advantage of the environment.

Remember ‘you’ have evolved these capabilities over a long time, they cannot be changed in the short term.

Health and fitness technique is, simply, all about taking your evolved capacities and, well, using them.

So, next time you’re out exercising or wondering why to bother in the first place, think about the amazing things you have evolved to do, and put them into practice.

Don’t throw away your evolutionary earned advantage.


(c) Paul Graham