Hi there good people

Yep, it has been a while! So, as is the way of the web, security is paramount. With that, I have upgraded all the software under my paul-graham dot net domain to the latest versions which required a host-server upgrade in order to move everything under the SSL or Secure Socket Layer technology which browsers now highlight. The SSL or its more recent terminology TLS, Transport Security Layer, required I purchase and install a security certificate which the domain now has.

The forum and in some respects the main WordPress page have been online for some 12 years – in that time a lot of data has been uploaded much of it pre-https security. To comply with https protocols requires my going through all the site pages and altering the many links to the new security specification. This as you can imagine is a task that’s going to take some time. I should take down the site and start that way but to keep the site accessible I’ve decided to do the things the hard way – and the longer way, by moving to https now and retro-fixing the phpBB forum and WordPress pages as the problems arise – and I’m guessing problems will arise – monumentally!

At the moment the website does not require any input from users, the site is not commercial in any way. If users are browsing the site for information or entertainment, as in the vetted links or videos, registration is not required. There are no restrictions. However, should users wish to comment or ask for advice, registration is required. Registration requires a username, password and email address, this, to keep the ‘sales-bots’ from littering comment sections with sales links.

Unfortunately, because the WordPress home app and phpBB forum are separate applications, should users want to comment or ask for advice, separate registrations are required.

Email addresses are never ‘passed on’ or sold.

For an information service, the software upgrades alone are very secure – it’s just, well, for search purposes, SSL/TLS is the way Google wants it – and what Google wants…

There is also the option of online training advocate/adviser which I am considering taking on. This new venture will need the extra security.

If you should come across some missing images or pages it will likely be due to my updating procedures not having gotten that far. Some links will need to be removed, hopefully not too many. I am open to any help or guidance if any major errors are discovered. Reports of this type can be emailed to me here on site.

So that’s it for now – I’ll keep updating the procedure as it progresses, even if it’s for my own diary and sanity!