Gut Bacteria

Gut bacteria or microbes live in our digestive tract helping us digest food, prevent infection, and shown to play a role in our physical fitness. Gut flora, gut microbiota, and gastrointestinal microbiota are other common names used for gut bacteria.

Our gut contains the largest amount of bacteria compared to other parts of the body and with an estimated 500 to 1,000 variety of species. These species are broken down into trillions of microbes that populate the gut.

We begin forming gut bacteria from birth and microbial balance is established from our food and environment. There are constant shifts of good and bad gut bacteria in response to what we eat working to balance the digestive tract. When we consume unhealthy food, we feed the bad bacteria causing a negative imbalance.

Source: Can Gut Bacteria Affect How We Store Fat? – VeryWellFit