Wednesday 12/05/2010.

Countdown to London Inline Marathon 10 days and counting :)

Had to throw in a rest day today. Was out yesterday on the speedies just for an ‘active recovery’ session and, yep, actively went racing some cyclists. Result? today, fatigued legs!

With the marathon date looming I really am going to have to try and stay within my training layout or, chances are, I’ll still be skating around the marathon track in June.

Decided today, this would be a good day to start using my new, marathon skate wheels, MPC Road War. Fitted them last night with some Bones Super Swiss bearings, just need to rough them up a bit with a few days of activity and I should be ready! .. reminds me, I should be bedding-in some new wet weather wheels also. The MPC StormSurge jobbies have a nice shiny appearance, not really what you need on a wet track. Still, shame to get ’em dirty :)

The sore tooth saga has finally seen a conclusion thanks to an extraction today. Have to admit, I haven’t had a tooth taken out for quite a while and the procedure surprised me. A couple of injections, five minutes waiting and thirty or so seconds later the job was done, incredible! Painless and efficient. Thank you Mr Dentist I will be going back to see you again and I promise, not to leave it until another extraction is necessary :).