lockdown food

Warm open sandwiches piled high with juicy roasted peppers? Quinoa salads with zingy miso, ginger and soya dressing? Creamy lentil and coconut dal that transports you from your desk to a sunny beach? If you thought wholesome, work at home lunches needed more energy than you were prepared to invest, think again.

As a food writer with a portfolio career in the corporate world, I am no stranger to rustling up delicious, quick fix work from home lunches while racking my brains about how to make them healthier.

Unless you have a freezer the size of a house, the key to a getting this right is to maintain a cleverly stocked kitchen with supplies you can mix and match.

Here are my top 10 must haves and some tips to get you on the right track:

Source: 10 essentials to know for healthy work from home lunches -London Evening Standard