An expert has warned the lifting of lockdown restrictions could be “sending the message the pandemic is over”.

Some semblance of life as we once knew it is due to return in England on 4 July. Pubs, restaurants and museums are just a few of the public spaces that will reopen, albeit with social distancing.

While welcome news for many, official statistics show the decline in new confirmed coronavirus cases in the UK has plateaued, with 1,218 on 18 June compared to 1,118 a week later.

The lifting of restrictions on 4 July coincides with a recent move to reduce social distancing from two metres to “one metre plus”.

Professor Christina Pagel from University College London (UCL) has warned this, combined with the end of the daily Downing Street press briefings, “effectively messages the pandemic is over”.

Source: Coronavirus: ‘Government is sending the message it is over’ – Yahoo