Evolution and Food


Ask The Question ‘why do you find it hard to workout? and the answer most commonly used will be ‘I don’t have time’.

In some cases this is probably true, in the majority however, it’s a self-satisfying excuse not to get involved.

Why is that?

In the early stages of human evolution we had to go out run, climb and fight for food. It would make sense then not to over-do the calorie wasting act of too much activity. We never knew when or if our next meal would arrive.

In search of easier calorie gathering capabilities the human mind has evolved rapidly. Our bodies however, remain in the realm of running climbing hunter-gatherers.

So now you have a mind capable of easily sourcing a great deal of food, but a body system that still only requires limited food amounts.

The battle between your evolved capacity to burn calories and the greater evolution of the brain that sources the calories, is constant and is at the heart of all overweight and obesity problems.

This is why, before any diet regime is attempted, I would recommend researching the ‘ins and outs’ that are your body systems and needs.