The current global situation has seen a massive spike in bicycle sales the world over with many people choosing the safer, more responsible option of commuting to work by bike rather than risk public transport. For many, this simple act of getting to and from work represents a form of escapism allowing riders to unwind, de-stress and choose their own routes. Naturally, the terrain on offer will dictate the type of bike needed – city dwellers may go with a traditional ‘flat-bar’ commuter, such as those found in our guide to the best hybrid bikes, others maybe a fixie or folding bike, while those who stay in less populated areas may look to purchase a gravel grinder, adventure bike or possibly even a road bike to cover greater distances. It all depends on what your chosen route offers up in terms of terrain.

Source: The best all-rounder bikes: If you could only have one bike, what would it be? – Cyclingnews