The Trouble with Speed Skates is.. speed!

So, I need to train for an upcoming marathon using my Cado Motus 110mm speed skates. Your average ‘jolly’ around Victoria Park Southport is not really on. Young children on bikes, pedestrians, older children on bikes and doggies all add up to an danger both for them and for me.

The Southport Eco Center has a terrific car park ideal for practising turns, cross-overs and short quick sprints. But, and you would not believe this, the car park is always chocker with cars! :roll:

Today I sit tight, I know Victoria Park is free of all hazards come 6:00pm, I know the park closes at 7:00pm as does the Eco Center car park.

I’ll head down for the last hour at Vic Park and then move over the road to the Eco car park for another hour or so, great!

Now, us speed skaters don’t like certain aspects of the weather.. in particular, rain! Rain makes skating like, erm.. well you remember Bambi?

Guess what? .. got to Vic Park, put on the Cado’s and made a first stride into the… rain, dam!
where did that come from?!

Never mind, turn around, go home, tomorrow is another day.