These are turbulent times. The coronavirus lockdown may have cut us off from the rest of the world, but it’s done nothing to shut out our everyday anxieties. If anything, the endless stream of news notifications, government updates and politically charged social-media spats is making it all the more inescapable. Indeed, it often seems that our phones are the enemy – but what if they were an ally?

With the boom of the wellness industry, meditation has evolved from hippy cliché into industry buzzword: it’s become conventional wisdom that it does for your mind what the gym does for your body. Leading the trend in its 21st-century form are a slew of apps from some wildly popular tech start-ups that promise you better sleep, heightened happiness and a digital tonic for the constant, unrelenting panic of the plugged-in era. The catch? Contentment is going to cost you.

Source: Can Meditation Apps Defeat Anxiety? – MensHealth