exercise recovery

Fresh air and wide-open spaces beckon more than ever before, leading many fitness pros, athletes, and wellness warriors to push their limits in the great outdoors. This pivot from fluorescent lights and air conditioning to sunshine and heat drives the need for greater attention to hydration and recovery before, during, and after the workout. Here are top tips to make sure your summer hydration supports your health and fitness goals all season long.

Start in a good place. With so many benefits tied to optimal hydration, it’s surprising that so many athletes show up to a workout already behind. Experts know that optimal hydration supports a lower heart rate, core temperature, and rate of perceived exertion as well as higher stroke volume and cardiac output. In other words, better workouts and improved performance! Focus on sipping on water and other beverages in the hours leading up to a workout, allowing yourself to use the facilities before the work begins. Your goal is to meet your thirst and maintain a urine concentration that’s light yellow in color.

Stay strong. Light efforts require water to support but harder efforts or workouts in hot and humid environments (hello summer!) call for water AND electrolytes. Add in sodium, chloride, potassium, and other critical electrolytes to help your body retain the fluids it needs to perform and excel.

Source: Ready, Set, Recover – IDEA Health & Fitness Association