return to gym

Gyms can be expensive, unsanitary and, in a pandemic climate, dangerous. Here, two men explain their opinion on returning to the weights room.

As with almost anything closely associated with coronavirus, the return and the reopening of gyms, fitness centres and leisure spots in the UK has been met with confusion.

For some people, such as the 62 per cent who responded “yes” to returning to the gym in a recent Men’s Health UK poll, July 25th can’t come soon enough. For others, however, the return of the weights room poses significant health risks, alongside mental wellness issues including anxiety, stress and guilt.

“Lockdown has significantly impacted the nation’s fitness, particularly as people have found it difficult to find the motivation to stick to a regular exercise regime without the community and support that gyms offer. At the beginning of April, 26% of our members were exercising daily, but that fell to just 14.8% in recent weeks,” explained Barney Harrison, CCO at The Gym Group, a fitness chain in the UK. “Physical exercise is more important now than ever before, and has huge mental health and immune-boosting benefits.”

Needless to say, getting the green light to re-open was welcome news for gym owners, from the small-time studios to warehouse-capacity fitness centres. But what do their members think? To help provide some insight, we reached out to our readership for a steer on what the current psyche is regarding returning to the gym after the first ‘peak’ of coronavirus. There were, of course, conflicting views.

Source: We Asked Men’s Health Readers Why They’re Returning to the Gym, or Why They Won’t Go Back – MensHealth