The Southport Skate Scene Tour to Formby

The weather turned out superb for today’s marathon distance blast, but it was breezy!

Starting from Birkdale and heading for the Eco Center we had the wind in our favour. Got to The Eco and turned to skate down the cycle track toward Formby. The wind introduced itself like only the wind does, full-on and unrelenting. We knew this was going to be a tough one.

So, this was the first time we had ventured down the cycle track toward Formby and it showed. Speeds dropped due to the narrow width of the lane and the inability to push wide to power through the wind.

Things should get easier further up though?

The cycle track is less than ideal for pushing into the wind but at least there was minimal hazards, low stance and short strokes were the order of the day. Tiring but the only alternative was to turn back and try somewhere else. Turn back? not a chance!

Head down, endurance gear engaged and some thumping good music saw the end of the cycle track at the junction to the Formby bypass. Again the cycle track down to Formby is not great but at least it is wider than the track we had just left. Time to widen push and speed to the end of the bypass.

The garage at the roundabout made a welcome stop for rehydration and chewing gum, then it was time to return to the Eco, this way though we had the wind with us, and did we notice!

The trip back to the Eco took about half the journey out time. With refreshed enthusiasm it was on to Crossens via the coastal road, and with wind assistance the miles disappeared, Crossens arrived quickly.

Time to turn around and head back to the Eco. The wind again did it’s stuff and did we suffer! The return to the Eco was probably one of the hardest five miles I have ever skated, tough and endless, but there was no stopping at this point, none!

Got to LA Fitness and decided on a detour along the Esplanade. No less windy but the scenery made for a great distraction.

On to the Eco and the finish for the Southport Skate Scene trip. But for me it was onto Birkdale, another three or four miles over some hazard stricken paved foot paths.

It was a great trip, it was tough but on the whole, great fun.

Next SSS punisher tour to be announced :D