big chest and shoulders

If Monday’s ladder workout torched your legs and back, it’s time to add some balance (and a nifty pump) with this chest-building and shoulder-burning partner push-up challenge.

You’re going to work in a ladder format, performing one push-up, followed by one two footed kick back, before exploding up into a single burpee to finish each round, meanwhile your partner holds in a ‘forward leaning rest’ (FLR) position, also known as the top of a push-up.

Once you’ve dropped back down from your burpee, you’ll now hold the FLR, whilst your partner completes his first round (1 push-up, 1 kickback, 1 burpee), as soon as your partner is complete and back in their hold, you’ll begin again, this time adding an additional rep to your push-ups and kickbacks. Thankfully, you get to keep to a single burpee each time.

Continue in this fashion, adding a rep to your push-ups and kickbacks each round, while your partner holds strong. The first person to break out of the FLR position, loses the game.

The penalty? Take the target number of push-up and kick-back reps for the round you were on and triple it . So if you were on round 10, your target would have been twenty total reps between push-ups and kickbacks, so that comes out to 60. Your partner must now complete this many burpees.

If that’s not a good enough incentive to hold your ground, we don’t know what is.

“This one’s a mental game, focus on your breathing during the hold, slowing your heart rate so that you can begin recovering and don’t fatigue too quickly,’ says Men’s Health fitness editor Andrew Tracey. “Then during the work, pace yourself, use the burpee as an opportunity to relax your arms and shake them off.”

Throw down the gauntlet to see who will make it the furthest up the ladder and who will be staring down the barrel of that big burpee penalty…

Source: Build A Bigger Chest and Shoulders With This Bodyweight Showdown – MensHealth