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Achieving your last-minute six-pack ambitions depends on strengthening your core and burning fat. This session uses quick movements and plenty of reps and holds to deliver the greatest impact in the minimum time. “It keeps the intensity up, burning calories and targeting the key areas,” says fitness model, former Love Islander and trainer Alex Beattie. Complete four rounds of the first circuit, resting two minutes between each set, then repeat with the two-move finisher. Go all out.

1A, Lying Leg Raise
4 sets of 40 seconds

20 seconds rest

Lie flat on your back and place your palms down beside your glutes. Lift up your legs, keeping them straight. Kick towards the ceiling, lifting your hips. Breathe out at the top for the best possible contraction. Lower slowly and repeat.

abs core building
Building Core

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Source: Carve Six-pack Abs Before Summer’s over with This Core Crusher –      MensHealth