bronchitis freeze

An unshakable cough, shortness of breath and constant lung infections are a reality of daily life for thousands suffering chronic bronchitis.

Even the most basic household chore can feel like a struggle for those with the long-term con­dition, which is triggered by inflammation in the lungs.

There is no cure and treatments such as inhalers only temporarily relieve symptoms. But now, a new ‘flash-freeze’ treatment could offer relief.

During the 30-minute pro­cedure, liquid nitrogen at minus 196C is blasted inside the lungs using a tiny probe. This destroys defective cells and – at the same time – encourages new, healthy tissue to grow in its place.

The RejuvenAir procedure has been shown to be safe and is being offered as part of a trial at the Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust and the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, which are seeking more patients to take part.

Lung expert Professor Pallav Shah, who is leading the trial, hopes it could one day be available across the NHS. He says: ‘One of the first patients we treated was coming into A&E every few months with infections – but I haven’t seen her in hospital since treatment started.

Source: Bronchitis can be treated with a ‘flash-freeze’ icy blast to the lungs in new 30 minute procedure – Daily Mail Online