I’ve only had Berocca twice and don’t understand a) what it is b) what it does or c) if it works, so thought I’d speak to some experts to get the definitive answer as to whether you should splurge on those fizzy orange tablets that make your pee weird.

It’s obvious why we’re terrified of falling ill right now, and why a fizzy quick fix seems like the ideal solution – before many of us worked from home, office workers took around 6.6 sick days on average, and 90% would come into the office when sick.

In these pandemic times, as we tentatively start to return to our places of work, it’s worth remembering it only takes about four hours for more than 50% of surfaces to become contaminated around you in an office. Factor in gross recycled air and people not washing their hands as much as you’d like, and Berocca is starting to look like a pretty attractive defence.

What does Berocca do?
Berocca ingredients and the vitamins in Berocca
But what’s in that nuclear orange liquid? Firstly, loads of vitamins. B group vitamins, specifically, and vitamin C plus added magnesium, calcium and zinc – which sounds like a really good thing, but actually turns out to be a bit of a placebo. ‘There are no studies to suggest that taking general vitamins like that are useful for anything, and you can get what you need from just your diet,’ says nutritionist Kirsten Crothers from The Food Treatment Clinic.

‘Berocca gives you way above the levels of vitamins that you need each day, so your body simply pees them out!’

Source: Does Berocca Actually Work? Or Is It A Waste Of Your Money? – Grazia