Did you know there is an invisible trap called “mental strike”?

 I´m sure you have those moments… despite your efforts nothing works.

“I´m tired of struggling for nothing!” you say.

But don´t quit.
Please don´t quit.
This is the most important moment.

You will go very far if you continue when you don´t see improvements. And in those moments where you persevere without results you are progressing.

You aren´t stuck. It´s the process. Progress is not lineal. You try something, you get some victory, you get more skilled, and your mind is in full power mode… but then it needs to organize. So there comes a time where even after complete days of work, you don´t take off. It´s the mental strike.

And you think you are stuck.

And you get demoralized.

But you are doing great continuing in the storm.

Getting results will be a matter of days. So overcome that critical moments.

Life consists in ups and downs. And there is a reason: you need to reassemble the new pieces. It´s part of the process.

Most people quit because they don´t see improvements during this reassembling time. But better for you.

You will eliminate all your competitors if you persevere.

So be smarter. You are getting wiser and stronger if you persist. You are creating deep roots for your skills. You are progressing much more than beginners who got their first victory but abandoned after an obstacle. You are in a higher level. Refining the refinement. You are in the necessary bump to reassemble the new pieces.

Other times you will slow down instead of getting stuck. But you are also progressing. If you go from 300 km/hour to 140 km/hour you think you fail. But you are still progressing. It´s a recovering period. (And people will see you at 300 km/hour).

Understand that getting stuck is part of success.

First victories will boost your morale but then reassembling moments will come. You will even lose easy games you didn’t lose before. But it´s your mind reorganizing your skills. Your motor is full throttle.

So persevere if you are stuck because you are accumulating knowledge. And mental power.

Only the good ones continue after getting stuck. So persist in your goal and you will succeed.

For your success, David