working lats

Gyms might be reopening all over the country, but for many people, training at home has become a new part of their daily routine, and it is likely that home workouts will continue to prove popular until safety in communal spaces can be guaranteed. That said, it can be difficult to reproduce your gym results at home, without access to the necessary equipment and expertise.

Back in March, at the start of lockdown, fitness YouTuber Eugene Teo posted a video demonstrating a back workout that can stimulate the muscles and build strength just as effectively at home as any gym routine, and only requires a single piece of equipment; a resistance band. (He advises using a relatively heavier, thicker band for these moves, to provide enough give when stretching the lats all the way out.)

For the first move, start by anchoring the band around something sturdy like a post or tree. Loop the band around your wrist to secure your grip at the other end, then lower into a kneeling/lunge position for this variation of a seated cable row. By pulling the elbow back and down towards the side of the body, you can use the band’s tension to overload the lats’ shortened position.

“This start with training the lats in their weakest position of flexion,” says Teo. “As I pull in, the elastic tension increases, and my lats have to work very very hard in the shortened position.” He recommends using enough tension in the band that you’ll reach failure at the 6 to 8 rep count.

From there, Teo goes directly into the second move, supporting his weight on his knees and one arm, keeping hold of the band. He continues the exact same pulling motion in a lat pulldown variation, but as his body is in a lower position, the band pulls closer to his chest, creating a mechanical drop-off in the tension, allowing him to perform more reps.

Source: This 10-Minute Resistance Band Workout Will Torch Your Lats – MensHealth