You know Dr. Mike—or Doctor Mike Varshavski—as the internet celebrity doctor who gained popularity for his combination of smarts and good looks. And now Dr. Mike is serving fans a helping of Nutrition 101, showing how he makes sense of nutrition and diet in his own life.

In a video on his ever-popular YouTube channel, Dr. Mike explains the basics of nutrition using a healthy-eating triangle of sorts. He boils that ever-vague term “healthy eating” down to intake of appropriate calories, appropriate macronutrients, and appropriate micronutrients. To truly eat healthy, Dr. Mike says, you need a balance of all of these things.


In case you need it boiled down even further, Dr. Mike explains calories as necessary energy your body needs to function, which is a much better way to look at it instead of an evil number to restrict.

Macronutrients are protein, fats, and carbs—which are also much needed in a well-rounded diet. You already know protein is essential, as it builds and repairs muscle, skin, bone, and blood in the body. But fat is also needed—and Dr. Mike says fats have gotten a “bad rep.” Fats give you energy, support cell growth, and protect your organs. They also help you absorb nutrients and helps you produce vital hormones.

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