Long-time CTS Athlete Alison Tetrick will be contributing posts to the Trainright Blog, telling stories and sharing lessons learned during her career racing at the highest levels of road and gravel cycling. In addition to consulting for many outdoor brands, Alison has launched AMT Bandanas, a line of one-of-a-kind bandanas that bring to life why we ride and enjoy the outdoors. Proceeds from the sales of the bandanas go towards creating scholarship opportunities to bring more women and diversity into the sport of cycling.

“Hello, I’m Alison Tetrick.” In my head, I hear this statement in the tone of, “Hello, I’m Johnny Cash”. However, I know I am a little too upbeat for that drawl, so let’s just pretend that it happened.

Let’s talk sports for life. Not that sports are life, but how your health, goals, and training regime become an integral part of your lifestyle. Not your identity, but a valuable puzzle piece in this thing called life and the ways we can impact others, and ourselves, with sports.

I am a cowgirl turned collegiate tennis player turned UCI World Tour professional cyclist turned endurance/gravel/give-me-back-my-life cyclist and industry consultant. I have taken a unique path to discover my athletic and career calling. This calling is never complete. I believe in the life-long quest of growth and development. I have been a professional cyclist since 2009 and have raced around the world at the highest levels. My career has taken me to the most beautiful places to race a bike, and also the most dire. Who doesn’t love Belgium in the spring, where every ride includes the shower of manure across your bike, back, and bottles? But that is the beauty and challenge of bike racing. It’s a vaunted position, to be riding with the greatest of my generation, to be told I can win, to be humbled daily, and to occasionally taste that elusive glory that stories are made of. Then, to be able to pivot and walk away with head held high, satisfied with so much completed, and excited for so much yet to be accomplished. Sports don’t define you, they refine you, push you, challenge you, prove you. Sports are the best teachers.

Source: Alison Tetrick: Sports aren’t life. They are FOR life. – CTS