Around 1 in 3 people have coronavirus without displaying any symptoms, so it’s common for people who test positive but feel okay to wonder if you can exercise with Covid.

Of course, if you test positive for coronavirus, you have to isolate at home. This is because if you go out, you’re likely to pass the virus onto others, even if you’re asymptomatic. It’s the law in the UK and the US to self-isolate for up to 14 days if you test positive for Covid-19. If you don’t follow this law and are caught breaking isolation rules, you could face a hefty fine for breaking lockdown rules.

This means you can’t go outside to run, walk, cycle or do any of the other types of exercise currently allowed under the lockdown exercise rules. But if you’re stuck at home, feel ok and have watched everything half-decent on Netflix, can you exercise with Covid and do an online workout or two to stay fit and pass the time?

This is what doctors want you to know about exercising with Covid-19, once you’ve tested positive for the virus.

Can you exercise with Covid?

While there is nothing to stop you trying to exercise with Covid, GP Dr Giuseppe Aragona says it’s not advisable.

“It is physically possible to partake in exercise with Covid and there is minimal risk with this. Some people may be asymptomatic and not affected at all. However, they should remain aware that this is a virus that does attack the respiratory system. Doing exercise could potentially leave you feeling out of breath or feeling tired much quicker than usual,” Dr Giuseppe, a general practitioner and online doctor for PrescriptionDoctor.com, told GoodtoKnow. “You may also find that you cannot do the level of exercise that you usually do.”

Dr Giuseppe emphasises the importance of rest – even if you feel fine after testing positive for the virus: “Ultimately everyone will experience Covid differently. However, Covid attacks the same areas of the body and so even if you’re fighting fit with zero symptoms, chances are doing exercise will cause you to feel tired and worse than when you started. Your body really needs rest as it is trying to fight this illness.”

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