The deadlift may be the king of lifts, but single-leg variations are stepping up to the plate. Training each leg individually fires up your stabilising muscles and addresses strength imbalances, helping you build new power in your quads, glutes and hamstrings. But what the single-leg deadlift giveth, poor form taketh away. Balancing on one leg is tricky, and adding weight stresses your lower back.

This move takes care of all that. Grounding your back foot boosts your balance, says strength coach Luka Hocevar, while the trap bar brings the weight closer to your centre of gravity. The band adds tension only at the top of the rep, where you’re least susceptible to injury, Hocevar continues.

Aim for eight reps per leg, controlling your descent for three seconds, before exploding back up. Tackle three sets, twice a week, to bulletproof your lower-body strength, one rep at a time.

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