ZwiftZone - 4K - Tactical Pacing, A PR And Possibly The 'O'?

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ZwiftZone - 4K - Tactical Pacing, A PR And Possibly The 'O'?

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So, even though it's summer here in the northern hemisphere I still try and ride Zwift a couple of times each week. For me, Zwift is an important component to my general training regime, regardless of our planets axial tilt.

Today, along with the usual 'main' Watopia world, NYC was the satellite. By coincidence my last Zwift visit was also to NYC, that time I gave the watts to the Highline. This time, I decided to stay on the ground and push the Central Park Loop, and if it's gonna be a push, it has to be a push for a PR.

I always use the first lap of the loop as a warm-up, this lap also gives me an idea of how I feel, strong, motivated and all that, but as I said, a PR had already been elected the goal, the decision was unanimous, both legs and the cerebral component agreed.

I think I know what you're thinking I'm thinking?, why doesn't this guy stop waffling and ride!

See, I knew from the first lap if a PR was on so was taking the orange jersey, just one problem, I also knew there were a couple of strong riders behind me, riders easily capable of ruining my day.

The PR was always going to be down to me but I'm a pragmatist. While I never quit, I know, on a loop such as the NYC, I don't have the long-term horses to beat the aforementioned riders, but, if I could finish my warm-up with a spirited last quarter, move forward from Team Stronger-Than-Me,
then hit the start of the loop harder than my normal pace I could finish the loop ahead of my rivals and take the orange.

That was the plan - but not the end of today's ruminations, I'm better at sprinting than powering the longer distance stuff, there's a sprint on the loop, sprinting equals green jersey, you see where I'm going here? - for the final part of this tactical pacing session, you'll need to take a peek at the next video which I'm currently uploading and describing.

First things first though...


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