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ZwiftZone - 4K - Fuego Flats Sprint - PR

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With a new Zwift segment to recon, sprinting the Fuego Flats was an after-thought - but when the legs say go, go is generally what happens.

So I took the reverse route to recon. around Zwift's new segment, Titans Grove. Titans Grove, an apt name as there are a lot of different 'Titans' to be seen plus a creepy section that is almost like you're taken back in time - maybe 100,000,000 years back in time - take a guess at what animals you're likely to see back then and you'll get the idea. The link to that video is below.

Emerging from the 'Grove' I had the full section of the Fuego Flats to ride before arriving at the sprint section, so a moderate spin to the start it was.

I hit that sprint pretty hard, took the jersey and went on to ride the Titans Grove again, this time from the 'forward' end.

All pretty good except, on the third lap the sprint jersey was taken - Ah, the horror of it all!

What to do - the session had been relatively laid-back so I had some 'legs' left, although I did have to tell them to stop moaning from time to time. What did get me ruminating was the time of the riders that took the initial jersey - them times were quick.

To retake the Fuego Flats jersey I was going to have to ride a PR - A meeting was held between the legs and cerebral components, it was agreed to take it on. Kudos to the riders that forced me into action - this is what I love about Zwift, there is always a rider/runner around helping push you into new territory.

This is how things unfolded...


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