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ZwiftZone - 4K - Fox Hill Torque Session Grindr on the Kickr

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A seated, low cadence climb on Fox Hill - Why?

While 'dancing' on the pedals can give a rider that extra momentum on climbs, for heavier athletes, like me!, it becomes an energy sapper too.

So, sitting and standing on climbs can be an effective way of spreading the load. Now say you actually train to power up climbs while sitting - now the rider has not just a 'load spreader' but a technique to climb faster than the 'dancing' method - that's gotta be a good thing?

That's were torque sessions come in. Training with a low cadence while seated causes the rider to use lower leg muscle to a greater extent. Pushing with toes-down followed by pulling toes up puts a lot of strain on the calves but persevere with the technique will result in muscle adaptation that can be a race winner.

When climbing competitors are starting to lose energy, take a seat, keep the torque high so as to keep the speed high and quickly grind your way to the top.

Proper calve use on climbs takes time and practice - stick with it - it's a powerful tool to have.

Ride On!


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